Ross Wholesale Bait


Ross Wholesale Bait has been delivering live bait since 1989. Our priority has always been to provide our customer's with the very best quality, price and service.

Our attention to your needs and our customer service are among the Best in the business. We strive to maintain that degree of quality service to "YOU" our customer.

Our customers can be assured of receiving fresh bait in clean, professionally printed packaging that is bar-coded and printed with the quantity and product description. We also offer our customers, signs and promotional material to help with your retail sales. We can also help with any questions on product selection, shelf life, storage or retail pricing.

Our delivery area has expanded for the 2010 season and is still growing on a constant basis, we deliver in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. If you have any questions regarding our delivery area or product, feel free to call or e-mail us at any time.

Ferrell Ross